Getting Started


In order to be approved and get the full benefit out or our app, you'll need to make sure that your Shopify store has the required features enabled.

  • In your Shopify store, open Settings > Shipping and Delivery and scroll down to Carrier Accounts. You want to see it look like this:
  • If you Carrier Accounts looks like the image below, you'll need to enable Carrier Accounts on your Shopify store.
  • If you see the `Upgrade your plan` message, we highly recommend that you switch to being billed annually. Once you do, you will still need to request that Shopify enable Third Party Calculated Shipping Rates. This does not get turned on automatically.
    shopify support request


  • Register on our site, using the same email in your Shopify store under: Settings->Store contact email
    store contact email
  • We will promptly contact you to complete your registration


Once approved, you will be able to install our app on your Shopify Store

  • Click on 'Stores' and click on 'Add New Store'
  • follow the prompts to install your store

Using the App

Uploading Products

  • Select products to create listings from them, and save.
  • Publish each listing to your Shopify store
  • Your products will now keep in sync as products come in and out of stock, and if there are price changes.